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Dorchester Developments Include a New Restaurant

It’s going in next door to Savin Bar and Kitchen, its big sibling

Savin Bar and Kitchen
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As Dorchester’s Savin Hill neighborhood prepares for the buildout of a new condominium complex, restaurateurs are preparing plans for a new eatery slated to go in underneath the development, next door to a popular neighborhood spot. This new restaurant, which does not yet have a name, will fill in the space next door to Savin Bar and Kitchen, according to the Dorchester Reporter.

The 120-seat restaurant will be an expansion of Savin Bar, of sorts — the two businesses will share some prep space, although the new place will have a separate entrance, kitchen, and bar.

Driscoll DoCanto, who co-owns the Savin Bar, told a planning board the concept is not finalized but will be different from is sister restaurant, per Boston Restaurant Talk. The vacant space is affectionately referred to as the "Savin Hill hole," and the project will likely be completed by August of 2017.

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Savin Bar and Kitchen

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