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Feather & Wedge Opens on the North Shore

Rockport has a new restaurant

Feather & Wedge

The North Shore welcomed a new restaurant yesterday with the opening of Feather & Wedge in the center of Rockport. The restaurant, named for the tools workers in Rockport used to split granite, made its debut at 5 Main St. on Tuesday, just in time to celebrate its chef’s birthday with a themed cake.

The restaurant has been under construction for some time, having taken over a space that formerly housed a gallery and retail store, as previously reported. Feather & Wedge began looking for a chef early this year while making plans to focus on locally-sourced food, wine, beer, and cocktails.

Stephen Smit and Charles Gladstone are the forces behind the restaurant. Chef Patrick Steele, previously with the Barbara Lynch Gruppo, is also a member of the kitchen team for Feather & Wedge, according to the restaurant’s Instagram page.

A peek through the window...Getting the buzz on!

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Update, 9/19 8 a.m.: This story has been updated to reflect that chef Mark McMann, who consulted with Feature & Wedge prior to opening, is no longer with the restaurant.

Feather & Wedge Aims for May Opening in Rockport [EBOS]

Feather & Wedge

5 Main St., Rockport, MA 01966