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PizzaRev Opens Tomorrow at CambridgeSide Galleria

Hot pizzas in three minutes


A new pizza place with endlessly customizable options grandly opens in the CambridgeSide Galleria food court tomorrow. PizzaRev will start churning out its quick-fired pizzas at 11 a.m. in the first Boston-area location for the Los Angeles-based fast-casual chain.

PizzaRev has other locations all over California and in Colorado, Nevada, Minnesota, South Dakota, Texas, and elsewhere. The restaurant’s counter-style ordering system offers customers more than 30 possible toppings for their pies, and there are also various sauce and dough options (including gluten-free dough). The pizzas come out of the oven in under three minutes.

All of the toppings, from cheese to meats and vegetables, are available at no extra cost. There are also some pre-designed pizzas for those who don't want to have to make too many decisions. Also on the menu: design-your-own salads, cake truffles, and Oreo dessert pizza. PizzaRev joins a similar concept in the neighborhood — Blaze Pizza recently opened at 1 Canal Park, around the corner from CambridgeSide, as previously reported.

CambridgeSide Galleria

100 Cambridgeside Pl, Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 621-8666 Visit Website