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Recommended Reading: Restaurants in Residence, Asian Fare in Boston, and a Secret Ingredient

Take a mid-week break for some light reading

Bar Mezzana

  • For The Boston Globe, Janelle Nanos explores the growing trend of restaurants making a home for themselves in the base of upscale residential buildings. "The restaurant-in-residence concept has been taking off at luxury projects throughout Boston as developers seek to raise the ante and lure tenants," she writes. Examples include Bar Mezzana at the Ink Block and the forthcoming PABU at the Millennium Tower.
  • Thrillist’s Rachel Perry takes a look at the growth of global cuisine in Boston, specifically Asian fare. "Here in Boston, chefs like Ming Tsai and Joanne Chang have also pushed forward the modern Asian culinary trend, combining world-class New England produce with new Asian flavors," Perry writes. She talks with chefs from some of the newest places to emerge in Boston, including Tiffani Faison of Tiger Mama, Phillip Tang of Banyan Bar, and Hart Lowry of Hojoko, to name a few.
  • And Boston Magazine’s Jacqueline Cain unveils a common secret ingredient for some Boston chefs: Rhei-Maid gochujang. The force behind the company is Mary Rhei, who has tirelessly spread the word about her Korean-style hot sauce. She "literally went door-to-door with samples of her family’s traditionally made products, convincing many of Boston’s most well-known chefs to use them, whether they offer Korean-inspired menu items or not," Cain writes, and there’s so much more to the story.

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[Photo: Bar Mezzana/Brian Samuels for Bar Mezzana]