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Clover Will Close Its Original MIT Food Truck for Now

But Clover Kendall is close by to ease the loss

Clover Kendall
Clover Kendall
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MIT will lose a fixture of lunchtime dining this week when the original Clover food truck serves its last customer on Friday after nearly eight years in operation. A blog post from Clover’s founder Ayr Muir announced the impending closure and directed customers to the Kendall Square brick-and-mortar Clover, located nearby at 5 Cambridge Center.

Muir said he missed the days of running that truck but felt lucky. "Truth is we’re doing every single thing better now," he wrote. "We know so much now that we didn’t then. Ingredients are better, recipes are better, training is better, leadership is better, facilities are better, systems are better, and on and on."

MIT will be doing construction in the Kendall Square area, and Clover is reportedly working with the school to find another place to park the truck on campus. Until then, the truck will be around for a few final days.

Clover has undergone tremendous expansion over the last few months, opening a flagship location in the Financial District and another location in Longwood, in addition to its first Boston proper location on School Street.

Clover Food Lab

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