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Boston Will Finally Get a Spot for Thai Ice Cream Rolls

Get your cameras and spoons ready

147 Brighton Ave.
Google Maps

Yet another Instagram-worthy food trend that has been spreading across ice cream shops all over the world will soon hit Boston. A new shop opening up in Allston will feature hand-shaped Thai ice cream rolls, according to a post on Chowhound. Hi B3ar Ice Cream Rolls is moving into the space at 147 Brighton Ave., bringing this beautiful frozen treat to the neighborhood.

The mesmerizing process of making and mixing the ice cream, then solidifying it on a cold plate and scraping it up to form cylindrical rolls, has already captivated customers in New York at places like 10Below and I-CE NY, and it is on its way to Philadelphia. Hi B3ar will be the first of its kind in Boston proper, although if you head out to the Square One Mall in Saugus, you'll find the treat at a kiosk called Frollz, which opened in January.

Hi B3ar’s manager, Ying Huang, has applied for a common victualler license for the ice cream shop, which could operate between 11 a.m. and 11 p.m., if the City of Boston licensing board approves.