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Recommended Reading: Internet Trolls, Food Safety, Bagels, and More

Catch up on some interesting recent food reads

Centre Street Cafe
Centre Street Cafe
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  • Boston Magazine takes a look at how politically-charged trolls threw a wrench in the daily operations of Centre Street Cafe in Jamaica Plain. Owner Keith Harmon spent much of his day monitoring the restaurant’s Facebook page for an influx of negative reviews of the food and service, which were apparently spurred on by people’s displeasure with a politics-related post one of the restaurant’s employees shared on a personal Facebook page.
  • The Boston Herald explores the surge in Boston-area bagel shops and pop-ups. "But after years of kvetching over Boston’s lack of legit, straight-outta-the-Big-Apple bagels, area entrepreneurs have ushered in a bagel boom, giving overdue attention to the carefully calibrated multiday process required to turn out high-quality versions," writes Scott Kearnan.
  • talks with Barbara Lynch about some childhood experiences, her thoughts on Boston, and her life and goals in restaurants. "As a woman in business, you can succeed as long as you stick to your vision and don’t flip flop. I’m not in it to be just a flash in the pan. I am confident now because I’m a woman without business partners, and a pretty respected one. I’m always going to doubt myself to some extent, but that makes you grow, and I like to face those challenges," she told Allison Pohle.
  • Finally, The Boston Globe takes a dive into the world of restaurant health inspection ratings. The paper shares a list of how Boston-area restaurants fared during recent inspections, pulling information from inspection records and determining popular spots using data from Yelp and Foursquare.

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Centre Street Cafe

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