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Medieval Manor Team Has a Pilgrim-Inspired Show Planned for Plymouth

Their location may be gone, but the cast is thriving

Medieval Manor
Medieval Manor
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Amid efforts to retain the longtime South End home for Medieval Manor, the team members responsible for the now-closed dinner theater spot are not standing by idly. While their attempt to secure a new lease for the Berkeley Street space fell short, all is not lost: The cast wrote a new show that they will perform in Plymouth around Thanksgiving.

"The Medieval Manor cast is full of creative people who have a wide variety of expertise in the creative field," cast member Jay Psaros, better known to Medieval Manor fans as Minstrel Jay Bird, told Eater in an email.

The cast members modeled their new show after the Medieval Manor format, and given the timing, location, and name of the show, it will come as no surprise that "Plymouth Rocks" will focus on the pilgrims.

"The new show is a comedic Pilgrim show which takes our guests on our journey to the ‘new world,’ as they take delight in the often comedic efforts to settle what we now know as Plimoth Plantation," Psaros said. In the new show, Medieval Manor’s famed "king" is replaced with a "captain," and the dinner part of the theater experience will be a Thanksgiving feast.

"Much like the Medieval Manor, there will be plenty of audience participation, musical parodies, and improvised stage antics. It's a Pilgrim show in America's home town during the Thanksgiving holiday," Psaros said. The crew has started sharing details of the show and will work to get an official website, social media channels, and a digital box office up and running soon.

"We have musicians, writers, actors and consultants who all understand how and what makes a show run. Over the years of working at the Medieval Manor, many of us have formed a bond and consider ourselves to be family," Psaros said. "We hope that this show will provide a "manor-esque" experience for our dedicated fan base and provide an opportunity for our fans to see the cast back together once again in a new setting. We as a cast feel very connected to our audience and want to continue sharing live performances with them for years to come."

Many of the cast members from Medieval manor will play a role in this new show, which Psaros said he hoped would serve as an "appetizer" for what the crew will do next. "What exactly is to come we aren't quite sure yet...but we know we have a talented cast, a dedicated fan base and lots of options," he said.

Further details on the exact location for "Plymouth Rocks" will be announced later, and despite the leasing setbacks in Boston, Psaros said, "our cast is alive and well...and evolving too."

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Medieval Manor

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