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Medieval Dreams Fall Apart in the South End

A popular spot for dinner theater will not reopen at its previous location as hoped

Medieval Manor
Medieval Manor
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Long hailed as a comedic institution harking back to the days of banquet halls, turkey legs, and raucous revelry, the South End’s Medieval Manor closed at the end of 2015 with a promise to reappear. Yet attempts to retain its longtime residence at 246 E. Berkeley St. have failed, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, and the beloved restaurant will have to seek another location and another means of staging its comeback.

"It is with great sadness that we inform you our efforts to reach a new lease agreement for the space where the Manor has lived for so long were unsuccessful," a post on the Manor’s Facebook page read. It went on to note that the "price of a castle in Boston has increased significantly," and as such, the resurgence of Medieval Manor’s central character, The King, will take longer than originally anticipated.

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Medieval Manor

246 E Berkeley St, Boston, MA 02118 (617) 423-4900