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Forge Baking Company Debuts Ice Cream Shop Next Door

More ice cream for Somerville

Forge Ice Cream
Forge Ice Cream

Forge Baking Company has a new arm of its business: The Forge Ice Cream Bar made its debut next door yesterday as Greater Boston braced for high temperatures, according to Boston Magazine.

Forge Baking Company, the younger sibling to Bloc 11 in Union Square and Diesel in Davis Square, took over a 4,205-square-foot adjacent space on Somerville Avenue to create the ice cream shop, as previously reported. The ice cream is made in-house and comes in a variety of flavors, which can be enjoyed in the shop that accommodates about 20 people.

This week, the shop is open from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m., and longer hours are expected in the future. The current flavors at Forge are vanilla, chocolate, coffee, malted vanilla, cookies and cream, peanut butter, mint cookies and cream, strawberry, and a lemon sorbet.

Forge joins the recently opened Tipping Cow, Gracie's Ice Cream, and Frozen Hoagies, among others, as growing fixtures of ice cream in Somerville.

Forge Baking Company

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