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New Coffee Shop Opens in Worcester

Courtesy of the man who brought Starbucks to town

Brew on the Grid in Worcester

A previous director of operations for Starbucks who first brought the coffee chain to the Worcester area has entered into business for himself, opening his own coffee shop called Brew on the Grid, aka The Brew, according to MassLive. It's located at 56 Franklin St. downtown and debuted over the weekend.

Frank Peace is the man behind the new shop; he opened the first Starbucks in the city and went on to hold responsibility for more than 100 locations in New England. Now, he’s out on his own with The Brew and has plans to grow the brand to include 35 over the next five years, potentially including locations in Salem and Lynn, he told MassLive.

The coffee shop reportedly prides itself on freshness, promising customers no coffee will be served if it is more than an hour old. There will be nine roasts as well as juices, sandwiches, and other foods.