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Wellesley Wire: Cocobeet Hits a Snag; Thirst Juice Co. and Caffe Nero in Progress

Updates on the forthcoming juice and coffee shops

The future home of Thirst Juice Co. in Wellesley
The future home of Thirst Juice Co. in Wellesley
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A few businesses with Boston locations are expanding out to Wellesley, and each is in a different stage of the process. Construction is underway for outposts of Cocobeet, Thirst Juice Co., and Caffe Nero.

Cocobeet began construction in Wellesley in May and will have to complete a traffic study before it can open, Wicked Local reported. Co-founder Onur Ozkoc had requested a waver for a traffic study at the 57 Central St. location in Wellesley Square. The shop is near businesses like JP Licks and Boloco, which were required to complete traffic studies, and the town decided to enforce the same measure for Cocobeet. The plant-based shop specializes in juices, smoothies, salads, and more. Its original location is on City Hall Plaza, and it announced its Wellesley expansion earlier this year, along with an expansion to Jakarta.

Meanwhile, another juice shop is working on opening near a new condo development in Wellesley; it will be at 53 Grove St. Thirst Juice Co., located on School Street in Boston, began construction on its new space just last week, and with orders for all the equipment placed, the shop is working on securing the necessary permitting and plans to get to the finish line. The team will be providing progress updates on the Thirst website.

Finally, a London-based coffee shop that has opened a number of new locations in the Greater Boston area within the last few months will soon add Wellesley to that list. Caffe Nero began construction on it newest space, according to the Swellesley Report, and it could open late August or early September. The shop took over the historic Wellesley Hills station.

Caffe Nero (Wellesley)

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