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Davis Square Will Not Be Getting a Doughnut and Bagel Place After All

Plans have changed

Davis Square Donuts and Bagels
Davis Square Donuts and Bagels
Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

A doughnut and bagel shop that has been in the works for Davis Square for nearly a year will not come to be, leaving a round hole in the hearts of eager doughnut eaters. Plans for Davis Square Donuts and Bagels have been scrapped and the space appears to be up for lease with items in the store covered in plastic wrap, according to a tip Eater received.

News about the doughnut shop first surfaced last August, shortly after the space was zoned to accommodate a bakery, as previously reported. Kyriakos Kouzoukas, the owner of Opa Greek Yeeros just around the corner on Highland Avenue, was originally involved in the development of the doughnut and bagel shop, but he has since pulled out of the project, he told Eater, noting that he anticipated the owner would try to lease out the 377 Summer St. space.