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Bao Bao Bakery & Cafe Makes Its Grand Return to Boston

There will be a lion dance celebration

Bao Bao BakeryA Chinatown bakery that closed a while back officially reopens tomorrow. Bao Bao Bakery & Cafe has been in the process of moving across the street and reopening since mid-2014, but the place is finally ready and has a grand celebration planned in honor of the occasion.

"The time has finally come for Bao Bao Bakery to re-open its retail door! There will be a lion dance ceremony at 11am with free samples to follow. We are so excited to see everyone again!!" the bakery wrote on an event page on Facebook.

Bao Bao Bakery & Cafe is a sister spot of Double Chin, a family-run restaurant in Chinatown named for its owners, sisters Gloria and Emily Chin. The 84 Harrison Ave. spot will serve specialty baked goods like barbecue pork turnovers, tiramisu, scallion buns, and more.

The bakery will be open until 11 p.m. daily.