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The Savage Wiener Launches in Newton Today

The ultimate hot dog has arrived, and there are muffin tops too

The Savage Wiener

The ultimate hot dog has arrived in Newton Centre, courtesy of a new concept with a winning name. The Savage Wiener makes its debut today at Sandwich Works, celebrating its grand arrival with a launch party from 5:30-7:30 p.m., during which there will be free hot dog tastings.

Jim Lowenstern is the man behind The Savage Wiener, which will pop up indefinitely at 827 Beacon St. in Newton, with various types of hot dogs. Toppings include spicy mustard, secret relish, and onions.

"Anyone’s invited. Hopefully we’ll have enough to go around, and we’re basically doing hot dog flights. The premium, the steak, and the wagyu beef," he said. "And people who come early will hopefully be able to sample all three, in the form of a hot dog flight, if you will."

The pop-up will also offer "savage muffin tops," which are in the pastry category, not the hot dog category, Lowenstern said. He had initially set out to create a concept around the "ultimate hot dog," but while working with CPA firm Savage, Weiner, & Co. and hearing his in-car phone mispronounce the name, Lowenstern found new inspiration for his hot dog pop-up name.

The Savage Wiener specializes in gourmet-style dogs that are "born out of a love for good food," according to the website. "Our unique blend of spices coupled with carefully selected toppings make our hot dogs a unique twist on the classic hot dog experience."

For now, catch the ultimate hot dogs at Sandwich Works or order them by mail, and keep an eye out in the future should Lowenstern decide to convert Savage Wiener into a standalone concept.

Sandwich Works

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