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Boston Public Market Welcomes Levend Bagelry to Its Ranks

Homemade cream cheese, bagel sandwiches, pizza bagels, and more

Levend Bagelry
Levend Bagelry

A new vendor made its debut in Boston Public Market last week, bringing carb-laden treats to the Downtown area. Levend Bagelry, which gained traction in Boston as a frequent presence at regional farmers’ markets and a provider of sustenance to homes and offices, opened a stall in the Haymarket facility on Friday.

Alex Jong, the owner of Levend, makes his sourdough bagels from organic ingredients, cold-fermenting them overnight before boiling, topping, and baking them. The bagel varieties include plain, herb dough (which incorporates basil, rosemary, and sage), and "the birdfeeder," which is Levend’s whole wheat sourdough bagel plus hemp, flax, and sunflower seeds, plus oats.

Levend offers its bagels plain, served with house-made cream cheese in a variety of flavors, or in the form of bagel sandwiches, with options including egg and cheese; roasted sweet potato with apple, cream cheese, and greens; seitan with roasted red peppers and greens; and smoked salmon with red onion and cream cheese. There are also pizza bagels, served with house-made sauce and assorted toppings.

Boston Public Market is open from 8 a.m. to 8 p.m. Wednesday through Sunday, and will open seven days a week starting on July 18.

Boston Public Market

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