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Tenzin Samdo IN as Tavern Road Beverage Director

He previously led the bar at Trade

Tenzin Samdo at Tavern Road
Tenzin Samdo at Tavern Road

A familiar face of Boston's cocktail world will step into the role as beverage director of a popular Fort Point restaurant. Tenzin Conechok Samdo, who left his previous post at Trade just last week, had his first training shift at Tavern Road, chef and owner Louis DiBiccari confirmed Wednesday.

Samdo, known for his endearing nature, ingenious garnishes, and engaging presence on social media, will be at the helm of the restaurant's collaboration-driven bar program.

"He's always been kind of a bar fly at Tavern Road. We got to talking and thought it'd be a perfect fit for him here," DiBiccari told Eater. The position has been vacant since November, when Tavern Road's beverage director Ryan McGrale died from a sudden accident.

"Eight months have gone by and we kind of got to a point were we had to turn the page, as hard as it's been," DiBiccari said. The team made a list of good candidates, including Samdo, and decided it was the right time to bring him onto the team.

"We knew it had to be somebody the industry would get behind 100 percent," DiBiccari said. "He's the most humble, respectful person you'll come by."

Samdo was at Trade for about four years, and he finished out his final day there on June 3. According to DiBiccari, he had his first training shift at Tavern Road on Tuesday.

"His work at Trade really stands out as what kind of a person he was and what kind of talent level he has," DiBiccari said, noting that both Samdo and Tavern Road have received an outpouring of support from customers.

"Something Ryan did that was really important to us — it was always a team thing here. I'd watch them, and they'd work on a recipe, and then Ryan would taste the recipe with them, and then they'd talk about it and talk about it. It was always a collaboration," DiBiccari said, and a process that he felt sure Samdo would carry on in his role as beverage director.

It's my pleasure to announce that I will be the new Beverage director at @tavernroad . This is a very big shoes to fill after what a legacy our extremely talented friend #ryanmcgrale left behind. Deep in my heart it tells me that I can pull this off and I can make this your spot to celebrate life as Ryan and his beloved team @j.hendo @drinknicethings @brumaprado @asteroid_blues @mightyschneidey @bmtbadmothertrucker @raymondatlas dit it so effortlessly. I really don't have much to say right now because I'm still in disbelief that this is happening. More than excited, I'm very nervous and emotional. He was a very dear friend to me and I won't let him down. I will honor him as long as I'm Bartending. See you at Tavern Road. #bostonmixdrink #igcocktail #imbibegram #totc #bartender #cocktail #industry

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DiBiccari said they hoped to get a summer cocktail list out as soon as possible.

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