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Hyde Park Welcomes Italian Restaurant to Cleary Square

Soft opening time for Antonio's Bacaro

Antonio's Bacaro
Antonio's Bacaro

A lengthy effort from the team behind Sophia's Grotto in Roslindale finally paid off this week when Antonio's Bacaro made its debut on Fairmount Avenue in Hyde Park, Universal Hub reported.

Sonia and Joe Garufi spent more than a year developing the bacaro space, which features a full bar along with small Italian plates and entrees. In this soft opening phase, just the bar is open as the kitchen samples food. Located at 5 Fairmount Ave., the restaurant took over where The Hyde and Dottie's Delicatessen used to be, and it will eventually seat 50 people inside, with additional seats outdoors on a "hidden wine garden patio."

City Councilor Tim McCarthy reported being the first guest at the bacaro.

Antonio's Bacaro will be in this soft opening phase for a few weeks, according to its Facebook page. It is open Tuesday through Friday this week.

Antonio's Bacaro

5 Fairmount Ave., Hyde Park, MA 02136 (617) 272-3028