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Exodus Bagels Lands Permanent Home in Roslindale

No more wandering in the desert

Exodus Bagel team
Exodus Bagel team

A burgeoning bagel maker will finally get a permanent location in Roslindale. Exodus Bagels, which has been producing bagels to sell at farmers markets and assorted pop-up locations around Greater Boston, will make its new home in the former Tables of Content catering space near the Bellevue stop on the commuter rail line, Universal Hub reported.

Exodus Bagels announced the news on Facebook with much excitement and with a plea for some community assistance: "We are so excited and hungry to begin our next chapter. Get ready as we lose our pride and ask you all for $ome help. Stay tuned for more info about the space and the KICKSTARTER campaign."

Specifics on the Kickstarter will come out later, but for now, bagel lovers can rejoice in knowing the space at 2 McCraw St. will one day be brimming with the carb-filled goodness that has earned Exodus a large and loyal following.

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