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Tiger Mama, WuBurger, Vinny's Superette: Reviewed

The critics paid a visit to places new and old this week

Tiger Mama
Tiger Mama
Katie Chudy for Eater

Boston Magazine reviewer Jolyon Helterman checked out Tiffani Faison's Tiger Mama, where he found that "the food, all in all, is fantastic," but there's a need for assistance in navigating the menu, as it's not always clear which dishes are side-sized, entree-sized, or need accompanying rice to complement the flavors. He wrote that the pad gra pow was "the real deal — as amped up as you'll find in Bangkok," and the beef crudo was "a genius carpaccio revamp." Helterman noted that "Faison's nuanced handling of vegetables may be unmatched in Boston," praising the seasonal lettuce fried rice, the wok-charred pea stems, and the yu shiang eggplant. He also noted the crispy chili potatoes and Tiger Duck, adding that "the only food problems were balance-related."

Catherine Smart reviewed WuBurger for The Boston Globe. She went for the boozy milkshakes and found that the burgers "hit the spot too." Starting with the milkshakes, made with Richardson's ice cream, Smart wrote that they have a bite of booze "masked by a not-too-sweet blend of inventive ingredients," calling them "dangerously good." In a world with plenty of Tasty Burgers and Shake Shacks, WuBurger has tough competition but satisfies, Smart wrote, praising the juicy WuBurger and its accompanying "crisp and delicious" waffle fries, which also come loaded with beef chili, cheese, and green onion. Smart added that the turkey burger was "flavorful and juicy" and a real sleeper hit, and she praised the friendly service and welcoming feel.

For the DIGBoston Restaurant Talk's Marc Hurwitz visited Vinny's Superette in East Somerville, which he called "a throwback to an earlier time," reflecting a neighborhood feel and offering prime take-out options. Vinny's focuses on sandwiches, with an Italian and Sicilian flare. The Italian subs are "excellent," Hurwitz wrote, and other good options include "a messy but delicious" house-made meatball sub, spicy capicola, and an overstuffed chicken parm. There are also garden salads and antipasto, plus classic Italian hits like shrimp fra diavolo, calzones, and lasagna. It's a great place for "stick-to-your-ribs Italian comfort food," Hurwitz wrote.

WUBurger (Cambridge)

1128 Cambridge St., Cambridge, MA 02139 Visit Website

Tiger Mama

1363 Boylston Street, Boston, MA 02215 (617) 425-6262 Visit Website

Vinny's at Night

76 Broadway, Somerville, MA 02145 (617) 628-1921 Visit Website