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When Pizza’s at a Bagel Shop, You Can Eat Pizza Any Time (or Just on Fridays)

Rabottini’s Pizza is popping up weekly at Bagelsaurus

cheese pizza
Rabottini’s Pizza at Bagelsaurus

Bagelsaurus, a bagel shop that got its start as a pop-up within a sandwich shop, now plays host to a pop-up of its own: Rabottini’s Pizza. (This isn’t the first time pizza has appeared at Bagelsaurus, although last time it was in the sacred form of the pizza bagel.)

Bagelsaurus baker Dan Roberts — an alum of Apizza Scholls in Portland, OR, according to a former co-worker, who describes Roberts as "the man" — is slinging slices of square pizzas beginning at noon on Fridays. They’re available until they sell out (or until closing at 3 p.m.); last week, it only took about an hour. Olive & onion, cheese, and pepperoni slices have made appearances so far.

The pop-up began on June 17, and the Rabottini’s Pizza Instagram account describes the concept as "itinerant," so stay tuned for updates about future locations. Eater has reached out to Bagelsaurus and Roberts for more intel, and this story will be updated when more information becomes available. (See update below.)

For now, enjoy this soothing video of the pizza-making process:

UPDATE, 12:20 p.m.: "We are loving having Rabottini's at the shop on Fridays," says Bagelsaurus owner Mary Ting Hyatt. "It has only been two weeks, but the response has been wonderful!" Roberts has "a lot of dough experience to offer," including the aforementioned Portland pizzeria, and he joined the Bagelsaurus team shortly after the Cambridge shop opened.

"His square pies are really incredible: great balance of soft, flavorful dough, the right amount of ooze and salt, simple tomato sauce, toppings done right," she continues. "Proud to be selling it!"

Slices, which are pretty large, are $4 for cheese and $4.75 with toppings.

Roberts adds that he's working on building volume in response to interest. He describes himself as a "lifelong pizza maker," and before arriving at Bagelsaurus, he had been farming full-time for nine years at Waltham Fields Community Farm, where he "still spends two days a week on a tractor."


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