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Bone Up Brewing Has Unleashed Its Beers Into the World

It's for distribution only right now until the taproom opens

Bone Up beer on tap
Bone Up beer on tap
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An Everett-based brewing company unveiled its beers for the masses for the first time ever this week, distributing kegs and "growlettes" to assorted locations around the Boston area, Boston Magazine reportedBone Up Brewing started brewing beer in late May with promises that "if the initial batches meet our Quality Standards, we hope to have our beer out in the wild within a week or two," as Eater previously reported.

The quality standards were apparently met, and this week Bone Up delivered kegs to Foundry on Elm in Davis Square; Giles Fine Wine: Arlington, Medford, and Woburn; The Independent in Union Square; Maverick Marketplace Cafe in Eastie; City Liquors in Cambridge; Mystic Station in Malden Center; and Woods Hill Table in West Concord. The brewery will update availability information on its website.

The beers distributed included the Honey ‘N’ Hops IPA, the Bone Smasher session IPA, and the Black Witow dark wheat ale. Bone Up also plans to hold a growler pop-up on Saturday at Kappy’s in Medford, where it will have those three beers, plus a farmhouse ale called Warehouse. The next beer on tap will be a Key Lime White, currently in the fermentation stage.

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