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True Bistro Is Expanding Its Space in Somerville

Royal Bengal also has some growth plans

True Bistro
True Bistro

Two Somerville restaurants are busting out of their existing borders and expanding into adjacent spaces. True Bistro, a vegan restaurant in the heart of Somerville’s Teele Square, plans to expand into the space next door, adding more tables, a bar, and a waiting space, according to chef and co-owner Stuart Reiter.

True Bistro serves an entirely plant-based menu and has been around since 2010. Its founders Linda and Michael Harrison started the restaurant because they believed that "vegans in the greater Boston area deserved a restaurant where they could feel good about bringing their veg & non-veg friends and family for a plant-based meal," according to the restaurant’s website.

With the vacancy of the space next door, True Bistro now has room to increase the seating and add a bar, as well as creating a space for guests to wait for tables. Reiter told Eater the expansion would ideally debut in September, "but no build out has ever stayed on time in my career." The exact number of additional seats has not been finalized, but Reiter said True Bistro hoped to go from 29 to about 50. He said he didn’t anticipate needing to close the restaurant to complete the build out.

In other expansion news, Royal Bengal is also apparently planning to crash through into the adjacent space, with planning documents indicating it will take over 366 Medford St., bringing the number of seats in the restaurant from eight up to 20.

True Bistro

1153 Broadway, , MA 02144 (617) 627-9000 Visit Website

Royal Bengal Restaurant

364 Medford St, Somerville, MA 02145