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Music-Inspired Restaurant to Open at Berklee

The new restaurant will be called B3

Berklee College of Music
Berklee College of Music

The heart of music study in the city of Boston will soon have a new restaurant that draws upon the spirit of the area. A place called B3 is slated to open in a Berklee College of Music building, according to Boston Restaurant Talk, though the exact details of the location are not yet known.

B3 is now hiring a general manager, per a job posting on, and the description of the restaurant screams music. The restaurant and bar will be "inspired by the multicultural diversity of music and the variety of exciting culinary flavors and ingredients found across the world," the posting reads. It goes on to say that the space will be a place where "music just happens."

There’s some speculation about the location of B3, but Berklee has a shiny new building at 160 Massachusetts Ave. that has student housing, dining, and practice rooms, and it could be a prime candidate for a music-inspired restaurant.

Back Bay Beats (B3)

160 Massachusetts Ave., Boston, MA 02115