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Fava Bean Mediterranean Is Now Open at CambridgeSide Galleria

Stop by for some hummus and falafel

Fava Bean
Fava Bean

A new spot for shawarma is now open in East Cambridge. Fava Bean Mediterranean debuted inside the food court at CambridgeSide Galleria today, according to various posts on social media.

The menu features a lineup of items and a customizable format. Bases include saj (or pita bread), rice, couscous, or lettuce, which can be topped with steak or chicken shawarma, falafel, or chicken kabab. Toppings include everything from diced salad, cabbage, and sumac onions to carrot salad and pickles. The sauce options are yogurt, hot bisbas, feta bisbas, tahini, and garlic sauce, and guests can get sides of hummus, rice, and lentil soup.

Fava Bean's founders also oversee a number of eat-in restaurants in Malaysia, as previously reported. The fast-casual spot is open in the level 1 food court at CambridgeSide.

Fava Bean Mediterranean

100 Cambridgeside Pl, Cambridge, MA 02141 (617) 714-3165