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Where to Eat Barbecue in Boston

Pulled pork galore

While Boston's not known for being a barbecue town, there are some solid options around the area where you can find Southern-style smoked meats. Here's a round-up of all of our barbecue-themed stories and maps to guide you to brisket glory. (We've also included a few related pieces, like a hot dog map, that don't fit the technical definition of American barbecue but might scratch that same itch.)


A Handy Map of Boston-Area Barbecue Joints to Try This Summer

Sweet Cheeks

From Sweet Cheeks in Boston's Fenway neighborhood all the way out to B.T.'s Smokehouse in Sturbridge, this map gives an overview of essential barbecue options in Boston and a little bit beyond. Whether you want Kansas City-style burnt ends (Blue Ribbon BBQ) or excellent ribs (M&M Ribs), there's something here for everyone. Read >>>

Image credit: Sweet Cheeks/Cal Bingham for Eater

A Vegetarian's Guide to Navigating Boston-Area Barbecue

Just because you don't eat meat doesn't mean you can't get a full meal at these barbecue-focused restaurants — and it doesn't necessarily have to be a plate of sides. Redbones, for example, has a full vegetarian section on the menu, including a broccoli dog, veggie burger, and more. Read >>>

Image credit: Rosebud/Katie Chudy for Eater

Brazilian Barbecue in Boston

An interior shot of Fogo de Chao in Boston, with stained glass, white tablecoth-covered tables, and yellow accents Rachel Leah Blumenthal/Eater

What's the best way to eat meat? Try this: grilled meat served table-side, sliced off a giant skewer and directly on to your plate. Here's a rundown of Boston's best Brazilian barbecue options, including the table-side rodízio service as well as some buffets. Read >>>

Image credit: Fogo de Chão/Rachel Leah Blumenthal for Eater

24 Hot Dogs to Eat Around Boston This Summer

The glowing yellow bar at Bukowski in Cambridge, with bare lightbulbs hanging above Katie Chudy/Eater

Tangentially related to barbecue, let's talk about grilled tubular meats. Here are two dozen solid options in the Boston area, from Lone Star's Sonoran dog to Menton's foie gras frankfurter. Read >>>

Image credit: Bukowski Tavern/Katie Chudy for Eater

Other Features

20 Years of Pulled Pork, Burnt Ends, and Suburban Barbecue at Blue Ribbon BBQ

Blue Ribbon BBQ

For two decades, Blue Ribbon BBQ has been serving barbecue in two Boston suburbs: West Newton and Arlington. Owner Ron Stoloff discusses the history of the restaurants, the future of the business (a new location, perhaps), and that delicious pulled pork. Read >>>

Image credit: Blue Ribbon BBQ in Arlington/Facebook

Boston-Area Barbecue by the Numbers

Black Strap

B.T.'s Smokehouse, Blue Ribbon BBQ, Sweet Cheeks, and Blackstrap BBQ share some barbecue-related stats, from how many pounds of pulled pork they serve per week (up to about 2,500 at Sweet Cheeks) to pieces of cornbread (650 at Blackstrap). Read >>>

Image credit: Blackstrap BBQ/Facebook

Can Great Barbecue Come From the North?


A discussion with IQUE BBQ, Boston’s championship-winning barbecue team. The team includes Tremont 647's Andy Husbands, who will open The Smoke Shop in June 2016; cookbook author Chris Hart; Rosebud's John Delpha; restaurant consultant Ed Doyle; and food photographer Ken Goodman. Read >>>

Image credit: Andy Husbands (left) and Chris Hart/Courtesy of Husbands

Behold the Weekly Sidewalk Barbecue at Formaggio Kitchen

Cambridge's popular cheese shop hosts a weekly sidewalk barbecue on Saturdays from late March into October. Here's a peek at what it looks like. Read >>>

Image credit: Katie Chudy for Eater

Further Barbecue Reading From

Barbecue 101: The Terms You Should Know

smoker - elise furlan

From pit to spit, wood to smoke, and everything in between. Read >>>

Image credit: Elise Furlan for Eater

The American Barbecue Regional Style Guide

Martin's Bar-B-Que

Everything you need to know about sauce, meat, fat, and smoke from sea to shining sea. Read >>>

Image credit: Martin's Bar-B-Que in Tennessee/Nick Solares for Eater

A Brief History of the Wet-Nap, Barbecue Sauce's Worst Nightmare

Photo: Roadside Pictures/Flickr

From the boudoir to KFC, how the moist towelette evolved over time. Read >>>

Image credit: Roadside Pictures/Flickr

Liquid Smoke: The History Behind a Divisive Culinary Shortcut

Barbecue's love/hate relationship with the manufactured flavor. Read >>>

Image credit: Raymond Schobe/Flickr

Main image: A scene from Formaggio Kitchen's weekend barbecue/Katie Chudy for Eater

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