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A Cat Cafe Is Definitely Coming to Boston, and You'll Know Where Soon

Just waiting for the lease to be signed

A pop-up cat cafe in New York.
A pop-up cat cafe in New York.
Marguerite Preston/Eater NY

Previous reports that a cat cafe might be coming to the city were nothing more than dreams — until this week, that is. Diane Kelly, the force behind the PURR cat cafe, has secured a location in Boston and is just waiting until the lease is officially signed to announce the future address.

Kelly developed the plans for PURR over the course of the last year, racking up more than 700 followers on Facebook and partnering with a local cat shelter, as previously reported. Once the lease is signed, she will be able to move forward with setting up the space, bringing in the cats, and organizing the structure for visitors.

The cats will be available for adoption, and Kelly will join forces with a local bakery or restaurant to bring food in, rounding out the "cafe" part of this enterprise. Boston has been a notoriously challenging match for the cat cafe concept — a previous venture called Le Chat Noir did not pan out.

Stay tuned for an official announcement of the future location for PURR. Kelly tells Eater that she expects to sign the lease some time next week.

Purr Cat Cafe

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