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A&B Burgers Will Host a Ghanaian Street Food Pop-Up This Month

Chef Kwasi Kwaa has a special menu planned for the occasion

A&B Burgers
A&B Burgers

A&B Burgers in Beverly will play host to a Ghanaian pop-up later this month when chef Kwasi Kwaa cooks up some street food-style delicacies. The local chef, who currently works as a sous chef for A&B, according to The Boston Globe, has planned a four-course menu for the "Chop Bar" pop-up at the 206 Cabot St. restaurant.

The Chop Bar pop-up is inspired by popular neighborhood spots to "grab a drink and an authentic meal," according to the Eventbrite page for the dinner. Kwaa has been running the pop-up in conjunction with the H.O.P.E. Inc. poetry series at Dudley Cafe in Roxbury since November, according to the Globe.

For the upcoming event at A&B, the menu starts off with braised goat sliders that Kwaa will prepare with pickled okra and green plantain chips, followed by kelewale, which are fried sweet plantains that have been tossed in a suya pepper powder and come served with toasted macadamia nuts and moko.

The menu also includes a fish dish, which features African-style rice that's been cooked in goat stew and gets served with grilled tilapia, moko, and shito peppers; and for dessert, Kwaa will feature "brofrot," or Ghanaian doughnuts that have been tossed in sugar.

Chop Bar will take place at A&B Burgers on June 28 from 6:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m. Tickets are now on sale for $55.