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Proposed Cambridge Wine Bar Has New Location and New Concept

Previously slated for Mass. Ave, UpperWest finally has a home on Cedar Street, but it won't be a wine bar

UpperWest/Official Site

A proposed wine bar planned for a space on Massachusetts Avenue between Central and Harvard Squares secured itself a location in North Cambridge, according to Boston Restaurant TalkUpperWest, which took a tumultuous journey to reach its final destination at 1 Cedar St. due to some sketchy opposition, will now open as a "community food hub," per its website.

UpperWest is the work of Kim Courtney and Xavier Dietrich, who have been trying to get this project off the ground since 2014. The then-proposed wine bar had its sights set on 1001 Massachusetts Ave. but received some staunch opposition from a competitor.

Courtney and Dietrich appear to have cleared that hurdle, securing the North Cambridge location for their food hub, which will offer "cooking classes, chef tastings, seminars & other food focused events," according to a petition asking for support on UpperWest's beer, wine, and liquor license application.

The goal is to have UpperWest become a destination for the community to learn about food, wine, and spirits, its website reads. UpperWest has an event slated for May 12.