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Voltage Coffee + Art Will Be Reborn as Barismo 295 This June

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Its main game will be coffee

Voltage Coffee, before Barismo renovations
Voltage Coffee, before Barismo renovations

A new coffee shop will open in soon in Kendall Square, returning to the space of a former cafe and art gallery. Barismo 295 is on track to open this June, bringing its fine roasted coffees and new "nitro bloom" to the heart of the Cambridge tech scene.

Barismo, an Arlington coffee roaster and retailer with other locations in mid-Cambridge and East Arlington, made plans to take over the 295 Third St. coffee shop last fall, and the transition is nearly complete. Jaime van Schyndel, founder and general manager of Barismo, said this location will be a bit different from the others, catering to the more tech-driven area.

"The focus is going to be coffee, because that's what the neighborhood is," he told Eater, noting that people want to experience quality without pretense.

"We'll be doing some things, different types of nitro," he said, referring to the new nitro bloom draft coffee. Eventually, they may infuse the gas to develop different draft varieties. Barismo has also forged a partnership with Cove, a co-working company based in Washington, DC, which will be sharing the 295 Third St. space.

Van Schyndel said they made a few changes inside, including swapping out the equipment and upgrading the espresso and grinding machines. The cafe will also have quick breakfast foods like pastries and oat bowls, and they may try out other items like waffles down the line. "But nothing like what Lucy did with Voltage in the food department," van Schyndel said, referring to the cafe's previous operator, Lucy Valena.

Barismo is also leaving Valena's art legacy in the past but will bring back bar seating so customers can sit at the counter as baristas prepare coffee.

"I'm a coffee person, that's what I enjoy, that's what I do," van Schyndel said. The cafe is nearly ready, but Cove is a bit farther out. "They do the co-working well and give people the services that they want," van Schyndel said, adding that Barismo will do the coffee well.

Voltage Coffee & Art

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