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Happy Lamb Hot Pot, True Bistro, Winter Hill Brewing Company, Juliet: Reviewed

Hot pot, vegan cuisine, and brewery fare

Happy Lamb Hot Pot
Happy Lamb Hot Pot

Ellen Bhang visited the new Happy Lamb Hot Pot for her latest Boston Globe review. The Central Square restaurant is in the family of Little Sheep Mongolian Hot Pot, which has locations all over the world and is actually owned by Yum! Brands. Here, Bhang said, broth is the star. The house original broth and the house spicy broth are made from eight hours of simmering ingredients, and the accompanying ingredients are either served as combo platters or as a la carte options. Bhang said the spicy lamb tripe side dish was delicious and "the broth is pretty terrific."

In his review for the Globe, Mat Schaffer went vegan, visiting True Bistro in Somerville. He said the "small, white linen tablecloth restaurant" serves delectable food centered around non-animal products like vegetables, fruits, nuts, and more. "This cuisine aspires to simultaneously taste good and do good," he said. Schaffer praised the selection of vegan cocktails and the sautéed rainbow carrots, as well as the stir-fried asparagus with smoked tofu. Cashews are often employed as a cheese substitute at the restaurant, and they show up in the butternut squash ravioli and fluffy cauliflower-potato croquettes, Schaffer said. There's also a "fabulous dessert" — a Death by Chocolate flourless cake "that needs no additional explanation," Schaffer said.

The Globe's Kara Baskin popped into Winter Hill Brewing Company for a quick bite, diving into a selection of small plates, including spicy Korean Brussels sprouts, mac and cheese, and beer-battered pickle chips. She said the brewery also has a "highly recommended" Reuben that comes alongside parmesan rosemary fries and is available with alternative sides. The brewery offers coffee in addition to its lineup of beers, and Baskin said the place gave off some Austin- and Portland-style vibes.

Update 5/27, 12:20 p.m.: The Improper Bostonian's MC Slim JB reviewed Juliet, diving into the set and a la carte menus and observing "some extraordinary sourcing underpinned by a boatload of refined technique." The breakfast and weekday lunch menus feature items from "perfectly soft-boiled eggs" to a quinoa bowl with avocado and diced apples, "which stirs up into a beautifully light, wholesome breakfast," Slim said. He called the scrambled egg dish a "marvel of carefully cooked texture and creaminess: extraordinary." For dinner, Slim praised the lemon soup, tagliatelle alla bolognese, and the lobster risotto, which he said "benefits from a surpassingly deep-flavored, fennel-scented lobster stock." Overall, he said Juliet "succeeds in its mission to be a versatile, friendly neighborhood restaurant for a neighborhood with refined tastes and the willingness to pay a premium for it."

True Bistro

1153 Broadway, , MA 02144 (617) 627-9000 Visit Website

Happy Lamb Hot Pot (Boston)

138 Brighton Ave, Boston, MA

Winter Hill Brewing Company

328 Broadway, , MA 02145 (617) 718-2337 Visit Website