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Deathwich Devastation: Al's Deli/WAN Convenience Closes Again

But stay tuned for reopening information


WAN Convenience, also known as Al's Deli, is closed for now, according to Boston Magazine, citing a Facebook post from the restaurant that promises that reopening details will be forthcoming. The Allston sandwich shop opened at 172 Brighton Ave. in May 2014 after owner Al Niles closed up his original Mission Hill shop earlier that year.

The Mission Hill location began as a convenience store, but Niles eventually added sandwiches to the mix when he began to lose grocery business to a new Stop & Shop that opened nearby. His over-the-top and cheekily named sandwiches developed a cult following. There was the Deathwich, for example, with steak, pork, turkey, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato, sauces, and spices, and the Orgasm, with roast pork, roast beef, sauteed vegetables, melted cheese, honey mustard, lettuce, and tomato.

In February this year, Niles also brought back a variety of Caribbean dishes to the menu.