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Lookout Farm Will Eventually Open a Restaurant in Fenway

It will be inside a massive residential tower that probably won't exist until 2020

2 Charlesgate West
2 Charlesgate West
Trans National/Curbed

A centuries-old farm in Natick will become the force behind a farm-to-table restaurant that is set to open inside a new residential tower planned for the Fenway area, according to Boston Magazine. The family behind Lookout Farm will bring fresh produce and local goods into Boston.

Trans National Properties filed a proposal for the tower this week, which is planned for the tower at 2 Charlesgate West. Steve Belkin, whose family purchased Lookout Farm 11 years ago, is the founder of Trans National Properties.

The restaurant will be part of the 10,000 square feet of retail space in the tower, according to the Boston Herald. It will feature produce from the farm and will have a deli that provides more produce, baked goods, and carry-out food. It will also showcase hard cider made on-site at Lookout Farm by Jay Mofenson, Belkin's son-in-law, who opened the cider production arm of the farm last year.

Lookout Farm's restaurant is still a long way off, as construction on the tower will likely be complete in 2020.

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