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Lamplighter Brewing Will Have Waffles and Cold Brew

The upcoming brewery is partnering with Longfellows Cambridge, an all-new coffee concept

Lamblighter Brewing Co. fermentation tanks
Lamblighter Brewing Co. fermentation tanks

Cambridge's newest brewery has its sights set on a June opening date, and as all the necessary brewing equipment gets set, another addition is falling into place. Lamplighter Brewing Co. has partnered with a new coffee concept called Longfellows Cambridge to bring cold brew coffee and waffles to the neighborhood, in addition to plenty of tasty beers.

Over the weekend, Lamplighter shared details about the plans to have Longfellows operate as a coffee and pastry shop within the brewery at 284 Broadway, making use of the space during morning hours. Monday through Friday from 7 a.m. to 2 p.m. and Saturday from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m., visitors to Lamplighter will be able to grab espresso drinks and cold brew, as well as pastries, homemade sodas, and Belgian liège-style waffles (and beer, once it hits that lunch hour).

"It's a no-brainer for us to have someone use the space in the A.M. when we're not around, and there's the added bonus (or necessity?) of always having really good coffee in close proximity," Lamplighter co-founder Cayla Marvil wrote in a post on the brewery's website.

Alisha Fowler, who has spent years working with Chefs Collaborative and is a good friend of the Lamplighter team, is the founder of Longfellows and has teamed up with Jesse Jenkins, a PhD candidate at MIT, to bring the concept to life.

"We're incredibly excited for Alisha's drinks and food — she's given us lots of samples as she's tested recipes, and they are all really freaking delicious," Marvil told Eater in an email.

Longfellows will sub-lease the taproom space from Lamplighter and run its own program in the morning, with a lunchtime overlap from 11 a.m. to 2 p.m. "so folks can get coffee, waffles, AND beer for lunch. Score," Marvil said. In the transition hours from coffee shop to brewery and beyond, guests will be able to get some of Lamplighter's previously announced specialty hot dogs, tater tots, and of course beer.

Here are some highlights of this partnership that will come to life at Lamplighter this summer: orange cardamom cold brew, double chocolate cold brew, yogurt parfaits, rhubarb compote topping for those liège-style waffles, and a magical creation called a "shakerato," made with espresso and simple syrup, shaken with ice, and served with a splash of soda.

Marvil said the Lamplighter team was excited about Fowler's menu and concept. "It matches our vibe and aesthetic really well, and we think that beer and coffee is an unbeatable duo. Plus, Area IV needs another community space, and it's exciting to know that we can help provide this by having extended taproom hours," she said.

As if that weren't enough, there's a good chance of a beer/coffee collaboration going forward. "We also do hope to use their coffee and cold brew in our beers for a bit of fun overlap," Marvil said.

The brewery has recently been bringing in all its equipment, from its fermentation tanks to its brew kettle, and it poured the concrete floor inside in early May. Lamplighter also plans to stock a selection of board games and host a weekly trivia night, monthly events like tastings or collaborations, and brewery tours.

Lamplighter could start brewing the first week of June, Marvil said, with a plan to start growler fills in late June and open the taproom in July. The brewery will also offer growler fills of Longfellows cold brew.

Meanwhile, nearby in Somerville, the taproom-and-cafe concept is proving to be a winning one — the recently opened Winter Hill Brewing Company features cafe hours in the mornings, with a steady stream of area residents stopping by for coffee and espresso drinks and a small selection of breakfast pastries.

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