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Wen's Yunnan Noodle and Ramen Is Now Open

The Back Bay spot has finally arrived

Wen's Yunnan Noodle and Ramen
Wen's Yunnan Noodle and Ramen

A much-anticipated noodle place in Back Bay finally opened its doors this week, according to a Chowhound userWen's Yunnan Noodle and Ramen has made its debut at 247 Newbury St., bringing specialty rice noodles to Boston. An employee reached at the restaurant Friday confirmed it is now open.

The restaurant has been in the works since last fall when it secured the location and established a presence on social media. Wen's made extensive renovations to the space (formerly a Boloco) ahead of its opening. Updates are now complete, and Wen's is now at work serving a menu of "cross-the-bridge noodles," a 150-year tradition from the Yunnan Province in China, as previously reported.

The full menu includes Yunnan rice noodle soup served with a choice of beef, chicken, pork, lunch meat, tofu, or shrimp; four kinds of ramen: miso, sho-yu, shio, and tonkatsu; and plenty of sides, including bamboo, butter corn, fried tofu, nori, and soft eggs, among others. Wen's also serves bubble tea, regular tea, and coffee.