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It's a Lunchtime Food Truck Party at Dewey Square

Scenes from a typical spring day by South Station

Outdoor Dining Week logoDewey Square, one of the Greenway's several parks, sits where the Financial District meets South Station, making it a popular lunch destination when weather permits. It's a sunny spring day, and the park is alive with people, nestled below a canopy of towering city buildings and surrounded by traffic. Most of the people in the park are in business attire with plastic building badges affixed to belt loops. They're eating lunch, talking with friends, or just sitting in a little nook of the park and quietly taking it all in.

Don't assume that it's possible to make a quick trip out to Dewey Square during lunchtime. The lines that snake around the park, coming from the various food trucks parked on the perimeter, ensure a long wait for food. However, it's such a nice day that no one seems to mind; in fact, people actually seem to be having fun.

On this particular day, there are several trucks, including Stoked, Pennypackers, and Bon Me. There are couples that appear to be on a midday date, groups of co-workers, and individuals taking in some "me time." The long lines aside, the next challenge is finding a peaceful spot on the grassy expanse, which looks like a college campus quad. There's a group of four men in business attire who have kicked off their shoes and are tossing a frisbee around. There's a large group of women huddled on a picnic blanket. Some are enjoying food truck finds, while others have opted to enjoy lunch from home. They balance their Tupperware containers on their laps.

While hundreds of people wait in line or enjoy the park, others snag their lunches and head back to the office. A lunchtime escape to the park can only last so long.