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A Burger Restaurant Will Join Fuji at Quincy's West of Chestnut Development

Plymouth-based KKatie's Burger Bar is expanding

KKatie's in Plymouth
KKatie's in Plymouth

The ever-expanding Fuji brand is slated to open in Quincy's West of Chestnut development, as previously reported, and it will be joined by KKatie's Burger Bar, according to an announcement today from the West of Chestnut developer, Gate Residential.

Keith Steiding and Kate McSorley opened the first KKatie's in Plymouth in 2010. Now there's also a Marshfield location, and it will expand to Hyannis in May. The Quincy location will open in September (along with Fuji), and like its big siblings, it'll offer live music and a menu that includes 18 burgers, a variety of tater tots, stuffed quahogs, and more.

A yet-to-named café-bakery will also join the development, which is located in Quincy Center.