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Zermatt Gelateria Is Open in Downtown Crossing

Gelato, cafe food, coffee, and more

Zermatt Gelateria & Cafe
Zermatt Gelateria & Cafe
Twitter/Downton Boston BID Zermatt Gelateria & Cafe

A gelato-centric cafe opened its doors in Downtown Crossing, according to Boston Restaurant TalkZermatt Gelateria and Cafe is now doling out ice cream and coffee in The Corner Mall at 417 Washington St., joining places like Happy Lemon, Sarku Japan, and Dunkin' Donuts in feeding this busy area of Boston.

Word of Zermatt first popped up back in December when a "coming soon" sign appeared inside The Corner Mall. The name "Zermatt" comes from a town in Switzerland near the iconic Matterhorn mountain.

Sarah, Danah, and Khaled Almohdar created Zermatt Gelateria, LLC, the company behind the cafe, in March 2015, and they are listed as managers for the shop. Zermatt Gelateria reportedly offers 18 flavors of gelato. Additionally, the cafe serves salads, panini, milkshakes, coffee, and sundaes, along with some other dishes, BRT reported. Zermatt does not have a digital presence but is listed on the website for The Corner Mall.

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