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Upper Crust Pizzeria Will Expand to Burlington

The once-troubled chain has new plans for growth

Upper Crust in Porter ahead of its winter opening
Upper Crust in Porter ahead of its winter opening

A local chain of pizza restaurants has its sights set on expansion just a few years after encountering a series of business issues. The Upper Crust Pizzeria will open a new location in Burlington as early as April 11, according to Boston Restaurant Talk.

Upper Crust, which first opened on Beacon Hill in 2001, has since expanded to have locations all over the Greater Boston area, as well as restaurants in Virginia, Beverly Hills, and one coming soon to Washington, DC.

The chain appears to be bouncing back from a tumultuous time: it declared bankruptcy in 2012 and faced allegations of misusing funds, underpaying employees, and having exploitative labor practices.

Recently, Upper Crust shuttered its Watertown location ahead of opening a new one in Cambridge on Mass. Ave. in the former Stone Hearth Pizza space. Now, the chain will push further into the suburbs with this Burlington restaurant, located in Burlington Marketplace on Mall Road.