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Pikliz International Kitchen Opens in Somerville

Mac and cheese, Jamaican patties, and fried pork

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Pikliz International Kitchen
Pikliz International Kitchen

A new restaurant is climbing its way to early popularity in the Somerville's Winter Hill neighborhood. Pikliz International Kitchen just opened at 288 Broadway and is serving up plenty of interesting Carribean-style dishes. Takeout is available, and there is a little bit of seating inside.

A bunch of Yelp users reported feeling welcome right away upon entering the restaurant — and getting samples of any and every item on the menu. The offerings reportedly change daily, but some of the common items are mac and cheese, assorted rice dishes, and things like curry goat, plantains, stewed pork, oxtail, and beef patties.

The restaurant takes its name from a pickled, coleslaw-like condiment from Haiti. Pikliz's menu is served platter-style with all the hefty helpings alongside each other. Here's a look at a sample menu, posted on the restaurant's Facebook page:

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