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Blake Orchard Juicery Plans to Open Retail Space in Portland, Maine

Adding to the stream of northeastern juiceries

Blake Orchard Juicery logo
Blake Orchard Juicery logo

A Massachusetts-based juicery successfully funded its recent Kickstarter campaign and will move forward with plans to move its production to Portland, Me. Blake Orchard Juicery, which has operated out of Wilbraham for a little more than a year, produces cold-pressed, organic juices and will establish its first retail space up the coast.

Alexandra Blake Messenger founded the juice concept and has sold her products at farmers markets around the Boston area. She launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds to open a permanent retail space and shared plans for a possible menu on the page.

Her products, which source local and organic ingredients, will include the glass-bottled juices, handmade "nut mylks," juice cleanses, and breakfast bowls.

"I want our current customers to know that we will continue to sell in Somerville and Cambridge throughout the year at our regular scheduled farmers markets," she wrote on the Kickstarter page. Blake Orchard brought in $18,281 in crowdfunding to go towards equipment and building out the space.

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