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Jules' Kitchen, a 'New Age Restaurant,' Is Opening in Ipswich

New age foods for the North Shore

Jules' Kitchen
Jules' Kitchen

A new restaurant is headed to the North Shore, bringing with it a range of on-the-go friendly foods. Jules' Kitchen is set to open soon in Ipswich, and though it has shared few details on what's to come, it is a self-described "new age restaurant" that will serve soups and meals to go, among other things.

The lineup of emojis on the Jules' Kitchen Instagram page may provide some insight into the menu, with assorted fruits, bread, shrimp, an egg, a burrito, and a cookie forming the lineup.

Coming soon, Jules Kitchen #Ipswich #978

A photo posted by Jules Kitchen (@juleskitchenipswich) on

Eater has reached out to the restaurant to learn more details on its opening timeline, exact location, and its menu. Any updates will be provided when they are made available.