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Sweet Rice Is Taking Over the Former Chow Thai Cafe in Charlestown

Charlestown won't have to say goodbye to Thai food on Main Street

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The former Chow Thai Cafe
The former Chow Thai Cafe

A new restaurant is moving in at 187 Main St. in Charlestown, according to Boston Restaurant Talk. Sweet Rice will look to secure a common victualler license from the former Chow Thai Cafe next week, with approval from the City of Boston licensing board.

Chow Thai Cafe closed in December, according to a tip Eater received, which detailed a sign hanging at the restaurant: "Coming Soon - Sweet Rice, Sushi and Thai Cuisine." Pichai Chairatthanawanit is listed as the manager for Sweet Rice, which will operate until 10 p.m. if the request for a license transfer is approved. Chairatthanawanit is also behind Thai Moon in Arlington, according to state filings.

The Charlestown Chamber of Commerce posted about the change on Facebook, confirming that Sweet Rice would also serve Thai cuisine.

Eater has reached out for more details on this forthcoming restaurant and will post any updates when they are made available.

Sweet Rice

1630 West Redondo Beach Boulevard, , CA 90247 (424) 344-2054