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Bit Bar Will Turn an Old Salem Jail Into a Super Fun Restaurant and Arcade

Games, booze, food

Bit Bar Salem, in the works
Bit Bar Salem, in the works

The old Salem jail at 50 St. Peter St. will soon be the site of Bit Bar Salem, a restaurant, bar, and arcade from Everett-based Boston Bit Labs. As The Salem News notes, the space was previously home to A&B Burgers, which recently relocated to Beverly.

In a Facebook note, the Bit Bar team shares loads of details about the upcoming venture, which may open as early as June. For one thing, it'll have a full bar focusing on local beer and spirits. The food will be "new-comfort" with "unique proteins" and "clever takes on old favorites," and the arcade will feature "amazing titles from the golden age of gaming." More specifically, there will be more than 30 rotating arcade games and pinball tables — original hardware, no emulators — spanning the late 1970s to the early 2000s, although the focus will be on the 1980s and 1990s. Sorry, no Buck Hunter.

Forget about laundry; this is where your quarters will be going from now on. Arcade games will be a quarter and pinball tables will be 50 cents, with various bonuses and discounts available. A mobile payment system is "under consideration" as well, according to The Salem News.

Bit Bar

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