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Chinatown Hotel Deliberately Won't Have a Restaurant So You Can Eat the Neighborhood

No room service for you

Avana Sushi, on the corner of Harrison and Beach Streets
Avana Sushi, on the corner of Harrison and Beach Streets

A new hotel in development for 15 Harrison Ave. in Chinatown will provide guests with housing, but not with food, according to Universal Hub. The proposed hotel project will replace a building currently located on the 3,400-square-foot lot, Sampan reported, and while other details of the project are planned, a built-in food source is not.

The 26-story hotel will have 126 rooms and six suites, but the lack of a kitchen or restaurant is meant to encourage guests to explore the food available in the neighborhood. The site for the proposed hotel is just around the corner from Beach Street, a hotbed of restaurants stretching from Washington Street to Chinatown Park. A number of new places have popped up in the area recently, like Double ChinCuong's Vegan (My Thai Vegan Cafe's new sandwich-oriented sibling), and more.

Any new development on that site would also have easy access to the restaurants of Downtown Boston, the Theater District, and the Leather District.