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Brookline's Japonaise Bakery Is Temporarily Closed

They're doing some renovations and hope to reopen next week

Japonaise Bakery in Brookline
Japonaise Bakery in Brookline

A bakery on Beacon Street in Brookline is closed, according to the Japanese-American in Boston blog, which posted a photo of the sign in the window of Japonaise Bakery that read, in part: "We will be temporarily closed until further notice."

An employee reached at the bakery Thursday confirmed the closure, saying they hoped to be up and running by next Monday or Tuesday. The blogger reported that the bakery's owner, Takeo Sakan, was installing new equipment in the space.

The bakery is known for serving authentic Japanese breads and other products, and there used to be a second location in Porter Square. That location closed in July 2015, four months after it initially closed temporarily due to "changes in equipment and management," as Eater previously reported.

Japonaise Bakery

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