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By Chloe Vegan Restaurant Will Feed Boston Kale Cookies & Cream Ice Cream and More [UPDATED]

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A 'Cupcake Wars' winner is bringing in her restaurant concept from New York

By Chloe in New York
By Chloe in New York
Official Site

A New York City-based restaurant is making its way to the Seaport District this summer. Chloe Coscarelli, the first vegan chef to win the Food Network's Cupcake Wars, is working on plans to open a new location of her restaurant, By Chloe (stylized as by CHLOE.), in Boston, according to The Boston Globe.

The restaurant in Seaport will seat 48 people, the Globe reported. Its menu will include pasta, salads, soups, cold-pressed juices, and to-go items. Additionally, Boston's By Chloe will offer dairy-free ice cream (sample flavor: kale cookies and cream) and a handful of dishes not on the New York menu.

Coscarelli, who has been a vegetarian her entire life and a vegan for 10 years, according to the By Chloe website, creates the restaurant's 100 percent vegan menu with local ingredients. Her business partner, Samantha Wasser, told the Globe that the pair had seen "a real need for and love for healthy, affordable options in Boston."

They will look to get their seven-day wine and malt liquor license from Finale and will go before the City of Boston licensing board next week to get approval for the transfer. The restaurant will be at 101 Seaport Blvd.

UPDATE, 4/4/16: According to a new Globe article, there are other locations in the works as well, including a Fenway one at 1325 Boylston St. (across from Basho) that could open in September.

By Chloe (Fenway)

100 Van Ness St., Boston, MA 02215 Visit Website

By Chloe (Seaport District)

107 Seaport Blvd., Boston, MA 02210 Visit Website