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Green T Coffee Shop Will Soon Expand to Roslindale

Come April, there will be another place to get that caffeine fix

Green T Coffee Shop
Green T Coffee Shop

A Mission Hill coffee shop is so close to opening its second location, which will be in Roslindale. Green T Coffee Shop will open at 873 South St. as early as April, according to posts on the shop's Facebook page. The owners are set to go before the City of Boston licensing board next week to get approval for a common victualler license.

The shop announced plans to expand to Roslindale last July, with an initial timeline for a fall 2015 opening, which was extended as the shop worked on securing permits and and equipment. The team made some renovations to the space, including new windows, an outside paint job, and some masonry work.

Mission Hill's location serves breakfast items like the Green T spinach bagel and other sandwiches, lunch items like pasta salad and wraps, and a late-night menu selection on Friday and Saturday nights (though not in the winter). There are also smoothies in addition to tea and coffee.

When it opens, Green T's Roslindale location could operate from 5 a.m. to midnight if approved.

Green T Coffee Shop

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