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Kitchen Restaurant in the South End Has Closed

The liquor license it used is no longer available


A South End restaurant has closed its doors after the liquor license it was operating under became unavailable. Scott Herritt, the chef and owner of Kitchen Restaurant at 560 Tremont St., decided to shut down the restaurant, posting on Facebook that "we cannot continue to operate in the Kitchen space" and inviting people to his other restaurants, Marliave and Grotto.

"Sometimes liquor licenses in Boston are a little tricky," Herritt told Eater. The four-year-old Kitchen had been operating with the liquor license for F.S. Pops, the previous restaurant in that space, which is losing the license. Herritt said he did not have immediate plans to find an alternative location for Kitchen, and the staff will move to his other restaurants.

Kitchen was open for dinner and brunch, with a menu that featured a number of small seafood dishes — oysters, mussels, lobster cocktail — as well as larger entrees like pan-seared scallops, lobster casserole, short rib, and beef Wellington. The restaurant also had select desserts, including doughnuts, cheesecake, and ice cream, along with a cocktail menu and beer.

Herritt did not linger too long over the loss, telling Eater he had other things on his plate.

"We're opening a café downstairs at Marliave," he said, which will be a coffee spot like someone might find in Milan, with a stand-up counter and a sophisticated focus on espresso-based drinks, lattes, and more.


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