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The Ice Creamsmith Reopens for Its 40th Season

The mayor was even there to celebrate.

The Ice Creamsmith

A seasonal Dorchester ice cream institution has reopened for its momentous 40th year in business, according to The Boston Globe. The Ice Creamsmith, a family-run business at 2295 Dorchester Ave. in Lower Mills, has operated since 1976, providing the neighborhood with homemade ice cream, cakes, treats, frappes, and more.

The shop's founders, David Mabel, started the business with a partner and ended up running it with his wife, Robyn Mabel. The pair made the place a fixture of the neighborhood and sold it to their daughter and her husband in 2014. Sarah Mabel-Skillin and Chris Skillin now run The Ice Creamsmith, making all of the shop's ice cream on-site in small batches.

Aside from the usual scoops of ice cream, The Ice Creamsmith is known for its inventive concoctions, including ice cream pizzas, cakes, cupcakes, and pies. The shop also offers "mixin's," which — you guessed it — can be mixed into any of the 13 flavors, leaving guests with nearly endless options of combinations.

"We hope we have another 40 years in us," Mabel-Skillin told the Globe. The shop is open daily from 12 p.m. to 10 p.m.

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The Ice Creamsmith

2295 Dorchester Avenue, , MA 02124 (617) 296-8567 Visit Website